Marble Pumpkins

I’m the first to say I am unapologetically cliché when it comes to trends. Bravo TV and rose on a Friday night? Yes. Pumpkin spice…


Welcome to Le Petit Luxe! Le Petit Luxe translates to the little luxury in French. I feel that the little luxuries of life should be celebrated everyday, not just on special occasions. A glass of bubbly on a weeknight, a gorgeous pair of blooms to brighten you space, a bar cart styled to seasonal perfection, an exotic home-cooked dinner on a random Tuesday…these are just a glimpse of the little luxuries of life that I aim to celebrate often.


The Ultimate Newborn Essentials Guide

    It’s hard to believe Greyson is 4 ½ months already! We made it through the newborn period of the first 3 months, also known as the “fourth trimester” period. The newborn stage was exciting, happy, overwhelming and exhausting…

Winter Chopped Salad

I love a good kale salad, but if i’m honest…really only if it’s loaded up with good stuff. I love to bulk up my kale salads by roasting seasonal vegetables and adding nuts and Parmesan (a must). This is by…

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