Winter Chopped Salad

I love a good kale salad, but if i’m honest…really only if it’s loaded up with good stuff. I love to bulk up my kale salads by roasting seasonal vegetables and adding nuts and Parmesan (a must). This is by…

Shaved Brussel Sprout Caesar Salad

Caesar salad is one of my all time favorite salads. I feel like you just can’t beat a homemade, pungent caesar dressing. I like to add a generous dose of Parmesan along with warm crispy croutons that are fresh off…

Steak and Gorgonzola Salad

Sometimes I need to liven my weeknight dinners. I love to eat salads during the week because they are fast and simple to whip up, but lately I have been getting bored. To enliven my weeknight dinner, I swaped out…