Ikea Besta TV Stand Makeover

Ikea Besta TV Stand Makeover 1

Oh, the power of paint! I have had my Ikea Besta TV stand for many years – you may have seen my original Ikea Besta hack post, where I opted for a jewel-tone blue base with bronze accents. Fast forward four years — my design style has changed and I was ready for a fresh new look. Since we are moving soon, I didn’t want to replace this tv stand with a new one altogether, since I don’t know what type of piece I will need for our new space size-wise.

Instead, I grabbed some paint, new hardware, legs and voila  — same piece of furniture but a very different look. While the piece still has a regency vibe, the muted colors fit the overall aesthetic of our living space better than the previous glam look. I was also very excited to get a new rug that didn’t need to match with the bold blue color from the last version.

Painted Ikea Besta

How to get the look

I achieved this look by using chalk paint. I am obsessed with chalk paint because of how low maintenance it is — it does not require any prep or sanding. Just simply clean the unit really well with a cloth and soapy water. Once it’s dry, start painting! I used a foam roller but you can certainly use a paint brush if you like a more earthy look with visible brush strokes. I chose a dark charcoal chalk paint as the base and then went with a lighter grey for the decal accent (I had Annie Sloan chalk paint on hand for this part, which is spectacular quality, but it is a little pricier and not necessary – I found rust-oleum to be a solid budget-friendly choice).

The decal is from Ikea Overlays – the website has a ton of amazing ‘overlays’ that you add on top of Ikea pieces to transform them. I had the original ones from when I initially did the Ikea hack, but I was able to peel them off, paint them and reapply no problem. The 6″ modern tapered legs were and lucite knobs were really the game changers and elevated this into a sophisticated piece that you could not guess originated from Ikea.

Ikea Besta TV Stand Hack

Ikea Besta TV Stand Makeover Materials

  1. Ikea Besta Storage Combination with Doors // Ikea
  2. Harper Thick O’verlays Kit // O’verlays
  3. Rust-Oleum Ultra Matte Chalk Paint in Charcoal // Amazon
  4. Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Paris Grey // Purple Painted Lady
  5. Lucite Brass Knobs // Etsy
  6. 6″ Tapered Furniture Legs // Etsy
  7. Gorilla Glue // Home Depot
  8. Foam Paint Roller // Amazon
  9. Paintbrush // Amazon


  1. Put the base of your Ikea unit together, but keep the doors off and take the shelving out
  2. Paint the whole unit with the charcoal chalk paint (base, shelves and doors) and also the tapered legs.  I did two coats on all.
  3. Paint O’verlays decal
  4. Once paint is dry, apply O’verlays, see steps below*
  5. Screw in the tapered legs, add the doors and shelves to the unit
  6. Drill a hole in the center of each door for the hardware and insert the knobs

*Steps for Applying O’verlays:

  1. Lay the O’verlays down and wipe with a cloth to make sure they are clean
  2. Either paint the overlays with chalk paint or spray the overlays with a matte spray paint and let dry.  (I used spray paint the first time around and it is much easier than paint for this step)
  3. Once the overlays have dried, prep the backside with Gorilla Glue.
  4. Align and place the glue-exposed side down onto the TV unit doors.

And there you have it, the final look of my Ikea Besta TV stand makeover! I am so happy with the result and it was truly easy to execute. Even if I don’t end up using this as a TV stand forever, I can see this living as a piece in my home somewhere for a while (maybe as a buffet or entry way piece). I hope you enjoyed this DIY!

xo, d

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