Marble Pumpkins

Marble Pumpkins 1

I’m the first to say I am unapologetically cliché when it comes to trends. Bravo TV and rose on a Friday night? Yes. Pumpkin spice coffee in October, even though it’s 90 degrees? Absolutely. The same goes for some of my favorites in design, especially the marble trend. I decided to give DIY marbled pumpkins a shot this year. This project couldn’t be easier and the pumpkins turn out so stylish and cute. If you’re looking to mix up your pumpkin game this year, give these a go.

White Pumpkins

Supplies Needed:

  • Small white pumpkins
  • Black nail polish (or whatever color you want to use)
  • Stick or straw for mixing
  • Bowl (you’ll want to use a disposable or plastic bowl, not a glass one like I did)
  • Gloves
Marbled Pumpkin DIY


  1. Get cardboard or parchment paper ready nearby and put on gloves (gloves are something I forgot about, and boy did I regret it).
  2. Fill your bowl with room temperature water. Not warm/hot or cold! If the water is too warm, the nail polish hardens and if the water is too cold it will sink to the bottom.
  3. Add in a bit of nail polish, about 5-7 drops. You can adjust depending how marbled you want your pumpkins to look.
  4. Swirl nail polish with a stick or straw.
  5. Dip pumpkin in the nail polish water, repeat with more nail polish if more drastic look is desired.
  6. Set dipped pumpkins on cardboard or parchment to dry.

That’s it! It’s so simple. I recommend doing a test first with the bottom of one of the pumpkins to make sure the water isn’t too warm or cold and the nail polish adheres nicely. This project took me only about 10-15 minutes and they look so chic on my counter. Enjoy!

Marbled Pumpkins
Marbled Pumpkins

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