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The Ultimate Newborn Essentials Guide 1
It’s hard to believe Greyson is 4 ½ months already! We made it through the newborn period of the first 3 months, also known as the “fourth trimester” period. The newborn stage was exciting, happy, overwhelming and exhausting all at the same time. It was such a rollercoaster, but it was such a special time that I will forever cherish. While everyone is different, I wanted to share with you the products that were considered essentials in our home and what worked for us.

Some of these products we had on hand prior to Greyson’s arrival, but many of them we didn’t even realize we needed until Greyson was already here. I included descriptions and links – I hope this helps all you soon to be mamas and new mamas out there!

Zip Swaddles | All newborns have a Moro reflex, which is a startle reflex. If Greyson wasn’t swaddled, the reflex would always cause him to wake himself up. I can’t recommend these zipper swaddles enough. The zipper is a game changer – it makes getting baby into a swaddle so quick and easy (which is necessary when you are trying to swaddle at 3am). It also unzips from the bottom, which means you never need to completely unswaddle your babe for those late night diaper changes.
Hatch Sound Machine | White noise reminds newborns of the womb and also blocks out household sounds. We have the Hatch Rest in the nursery and had it in our bedroom when Grey slept next bedside for the first two months. While Grey prefers white noise, this sound machine has several different sound options and offers a nightlight as well. We love using the lullaby setting while we get Grey ready for bed. The volume, sound and light selection can all be adjusted from your phone, which is so convenient.
Dock A Tot | While this was a pricey item, it turned out to be a must have of ours. This baby lounger is meant to be shaped snug, so it reminds babies of the cozy womb-like environment. We used the Dock A Tot for hanging out on the couch (often used with this toy arch), for naps when we travelled to my parent’s house, and around 6 weeks when Greyson started sleeping in his crib*. The snug environment mimics the womb, so Grey hungout, relaxed or slept nice and comfortably in there. *Although this product is not recommended for use in the crib, we did what worked for us and we were smart about it.
WubbaNub Pacifiers | Greyson loves these pacifiers. The pacifier itself is actually the same style pacifier they use in the hospital, but this one is connected to a small stuffed animal, so it never gets lost. This is great because if it fell out of his mouth, we could easily grab it. He also holds onto it with his hands pretty well! A great comfort product.
Ollie Swaddle | We retired the zip swaddle after Grey could no longer fit into the newborn size, around 1.5/2 months. We transitioned to the Ollie swaddle and it has been working fantastic. Grey is still in the Ollie swaddle now at almost 4 months, but sleeps with one arm out since he is slowly transitioning out of the swaddle (he started to turn on his belly). This velcro swaddle has a tight fit and folds right below the shoulders, which ensures there is no constraint on the shoulder joints and no possibility of fabric bunching up near the face.
Copper Pearl Swaddle Blankets | When it comes to loose swaddle blankets, these were our favorite and only loose style swaddle blankets we used. The fabric is so soft and they come in adorable prints. The reason these worked so well for us is because the fabric has some stretch to it, so it made for a nice and snug swaddle that Greyson couldn’t escape from (he can be quite the swaddle Houdini). We used these blankets for swaddling for daytime naps and naps on to go at Grey’s grandparent’s house.
Moses Bassinet Basket | If I’m being totally honest, I originally bought this basket bassinet because of how adorable it would look for photos (I mean, how Instagramable is it?!). But it turned out to be such a great purchase that we utilized every single day. We primarily used this as the downstairs bassinet, in our living room. Since newborns nap a ton, we kept this basket bassinet downstairs in our living room for daytime sleep, so baby could sleep while we did stuff around the house. Very convenient and a great alternative to other pricy rocking bassinets.
The Ultimate Newborn Essentials Guide 2

Dock A Tot Toy Arch | This toy arch attaches to the Dock A Tot and was great for keeping Greyson entertained. Black and white contrast is great for newborn’s visual development, so it was a win win that these toys were entertaining and beneficial for Grey’s development.
Manhattan Toy Company Toy Mat | This has been one of Greyson’s favorite toys and I am surprised he still loves it so much, even after 4 months! My babe is always looking to be entertained and this toy was perfect due to the variety of colors and patterns. There is a string attached to the top of it so you can tie it to hang off a play gym or on the seat of the car for long drives. It also has a handy magnet, so you can attach this on a stroller arm easily.
Boppy | This little lounger was great for Grey to sit and play on while we hung out on the couch downstairs. He loved it!

Baby Einstein Musical Toy | Greyson loves music and this little toy has been perfect for playtime at home and even on the go since the size is small and portable.
Skip Hop Activity Gym | We used this activity gym early – it helped keep Grey entertained. The mat is nice and soft – we used the mat to get Grey used to tummy time and other times used the handy cloud-shaped pillow that came with it to provide extra support to his head when he lied flat looking at all the dangling toys.
SkipHop Silver Lining Activity Gym

The Ultimate Newborn Essentials Guide 3
Aden & Anais Burp Cloths | These are my favorite burp cloths to use. Aden & Anais have several different kinds of stylish prints and these can double as a bib if needed. The muslin material stays very soft, even after dozens of washes!
Baby Brezza Pro Advanced Formula Dispenser | This is definitely a luxury item, so technically we didn’t need it. But I have to say, if you formula feed, this is the best product ever (in my opinion). The machine weighs out, mixes and dispenses formula at just the right temperature in the matter of seconds. We originally purchased the Pro version but decided to upgrade to the Pro Advanced because we wanted the ability to make bottles at any number of ounces, verses the Pro that only dispenses at 2-4-6-8-10. This machine also has multiple settings for how warm to make the formula. So easy and a such a lifesaver, especially for new parents that may have to rush and make a bottle in the middle of the night!
Dr. Brown’s Baby Bottles | As soon as we learned how sensitive newborns were to air bubbles (they can cause really painful gas) we chose to go with Dr. Browns bottles. These bottles minimize the amount of air bubbles that come through during bottle feedings in effort to help reduce gas.
Holle Organic Goat Milk Formula | We never planned on it, but we ended up needing to supplement Greyson’s feedings with formula from the get-go. I did a ton of research aiming to find the best formula brands on the market. This organic German formula strives to be as close to breastmilk as possible. It is made with high quality ingredients and is 100% organic. While originally on Holle Cow’s Milk formula, early on we learned that Greyson had a cow’s milk intolerance, which is why we use the Holle goat versus the Holle cow. We’ve been feeding Greyson Holle Goat formula exclusively since he was six weeks old – he loves it and hasn’t had any issues with it.
The Ultimate Newborn Essentials Guide 4

Honest Company Diapers | Honest Company diapers are free of any chemicals or unnecessary harmful materials. Not to mention, the prints are so darling.


Water Wipes | These wipes are nothing but 99.9% water and 0.1%fruit extract. We’ve been using these since the beginning and they are very gentle on Greyson’s sensitive skin.


Bourdreux’s Butt Paste | This was recommended by our pediatrician. This is a great diaper cream free of unwanted ingredients. This product has a very high percentages of zinc oxide, which is the active ingredient in helping protect or heal diaper rashes.


OXO Good Grips Wipes Dispenser | This dispenser is a must for our nursery. It’s simple and sleek and makes grabbing wipes during a diaper change super easy.


Changing Table Storage | Having a storage basket to keep diapers and diaper cream cream stocked at all times has been extremely helpful. We have this placed right next to the changing pad, so everything we need for a quick diaper change is within arms reach.
The Ultimate Newborn Essentials Guide 5
DoTerra Baby Hair and Body Wash | I had heard of DoTerra but have never used any of their products, until now. We were gifted this DoTerra baby hair and body wash – it smells so good and is gentle on baby skin. The ingredients are very clean and contain a good amount of essential oils. We’ve been using this since Grey’s first bath and we love it.
Babyganics Infant Cradle Cap Cleansing Oil | Greyson got a couple pretty bad cases of cradle cap in his early weeks. This cleansing oil is organic and effective in getting rid of cradle cap within 1-2 washes. The cleansing oil comes with a handy brush that helps remove the flakes.
Tubby Todd Dream Cream | Tubby Todd Bath Co. products are some of the my favorite baby products out there! All the products are made with plant-based ingredients and are very gentle on newborn skin. Greyson had extremely dry skin as a newborn, and this dream cream has helped so much.
Tubby Todd All Over Ointment | This stuff is amazing. I lather this on Greyson’s eczema when it flares up and it help tremendously and heals it very quick. This is also great for applying to a dry scalp.
Honest Company Organic Body Oil | I used this primarily on Greyson’s dry scalp, but it’s also great for any dry spots on baby’s body.
The First Years Infant Tub | Inexpensive and serves its purpose! Very easy to bathe a newborn in this tub.
Infrared Thermometer | We love this thermometer! This thermometer provides three options for reading temperatures: surface, body and room. We use the surface option to read the bath water temperature every time we draw a bath for Greyson. It gives us peace of mind to know the bath water is not too hot. Since this is a non-contact thermometer, it’s also great for taking baby’s temperature while he sleeps, if needed.
Towel Warmer | This was a gift from my in-laws – I don’t think I wouldn’t have ever thought of purchasing this on my own, but it’s seriously a bath time game changer. Greyson used to cry every time we would take him out of the bath and onto his towel. Now that we wrap him in a freshly warmed towel, he always has the biggest grin on his face. We warm the towel as he bathes and take it out of the warmer right as he is ready to get out of the bath.
Little Remedies Burp Drops | I learned the hard way with Greyson’s poor gas problems. In the beginning he had terrible gas that even bicycle kicks or tummy time couldn’t help. Finally one day when he was frantically screaming, I ran out to get these burp drops and he stopped crying and felt better within a few minutes. Even though his gas problems have gotten drastically better (due to adding in probiotics into his daily regimen), I always have these on hand at home and in my diaper bag at all times, just in case.
Little Remedies Saline Spray | Newborns can get so stuffed up cause their little nasal passages are so small in the beginning! This spray helped so much.
Frida Baby Nasal Aspirator | Sucking snot? Eeek, but this product is so helpful since babies need to get clear their nasal passages often. There is a barrier built into this so there’s never a chance of you ingesting any of your baby’s lovely boogers. 🙂
Gerber Soothe Probiotics | We decided to add in a probiotic to Greyson’s diet since he had some bad gas to begin with. After trying an expensive vegan brand that wasn’t working, our pediatrician recommended Gerber Soothe, and it has helped and changed things so much. The burp drops are effective immediately when issues arise, but these probiotics were the long term solution we needed. We give Greyson five drops on a baby spoon every morning and store the probiotics in the fridge to keep them cool.
The Ultimate Newborn Essentials Guide 6
UPPAbaby Vista Stroller Set | We love the UPPAbaby Vista stroller set. The stroller is very sturdy, spacious, rides smooth and is easy to fold and unfold. We used the bassinet attachment during the newborn period for walks and even for naps when we visited the grandparents’ houses.
Nuna Pipa Car Seat | We chose the Nuna Pipa car seat because it’s very lightweight and the load leg base installation provides great safety. The Nuna Pipa can clip directly into our UPPAbaby stroller with the use of this simple and easy adapter.
Carseat and Stroller Mobile | Greyson was very interested in the Manhattan Toy Factory Products, especially this mobile that we clipped onto his carseat when we were on the go. A plus? These products use colors and patterns that help with infant’s visual and mental development.
Rohm Sound Machine | I highly recommend this to any new mamas! This portable sound machine was a life saver and we still use it today. We took Greyson out and about quite a bit as a newborn and this white noise machine helped Greyson nap on the go. This brand also has a version where you can clip this onto the carseat. We still use this for naps on the go, even going on 5 months!
I wanted to also mention a fantastic resource that really helped us prepare for parenthood – the Taking Cara Babies newborn sleep course, “Will I Ever Sleep Again?” We took the online course before Greyson arrived and it gave us some amazing tools to help instill good sleep habits from the beginning. She also gives great tips on Instagram.

I hope this round up can be of use to any expecting or new mamas out there!
xo, d

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