Our Destination Wedding in Prague

Our Destination Wedding in Prague 1
Our Destination Wedding in Prague 2

Time flies! It’s been a while since I got married, and I have yet to share my wedding photos here with you. So here they are! Let’s start with, why did we choose Prague?

Kenny and I both love to travel, especially within Europe and we always thought a destination wedding would be fitting due to our wanderlust natures. That coupled with the fact that we both have family that is sprinkled through Europe, it made perfects sense. Kenny and I traveled to Prague (and even walked by what would eventually be our wedding venue) just a few days before we got engaged in Slovakia in the Fall of 2015, so Prague remained a special place in our hearts. We also think Prague is one of the most romantic and beautiful cities in Europe. Below are some tidbits about my experience planning a destination wedding along with some photos. Our wedding was featured on Style Me Pretty, so feel free to take a peek at their post and see our full gallery there.

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The tough parts about planning a destination wedding. The toughest part about planning a destination wedding is having to deal with the fact that you might not see all the details you’re choosing in person (especially if you don’t take a pre-wedding trip there). For example, we chose our venue without seeing it in person, relying solely on photos and reviews. Another big one for us was we did not get the opportunity to do a tasting for our reception dinner menu. We are such food people, so it was difficult to put our trust in the venue, that was definitely a gamble. But the food was amazing, so we won that gamble!

Hiring a wedding coordinator for a destination wedding is a saving grace. Especially if the wedding is very far away, like ours was. We couldn’t have planned our wedding without our incredible wedding coordinator. It made the process so much more streamlined to have the coordinator communicate directly with the vendors, especially since she had standing relationships with them and could clearly communicate our wants and vision. We would have gone through many, many headaches had we not used a coordinator.

The many highlights about having a destination wedding. Even though there were some tough aspects about planning a wedding abroad, overall it was so worth it to us and we wouldn’t have had it any other way – there were so many highlights. Having a destination wedding ensured we would have a small guest count. This was preferred for us, since essentially we craved an intimate wedding and only wanted only close friends and family to attend, but still had a 150 person invite count of invitees that we just couldn’t cut. Around 40% of our invitees ended up making the trek to our wedding, 55 people, which was a perfect amount for us. Another highlight? Since many guests arrived early to spend some time in Prague, the week leading up to the wedding felt like a big vacation with all our closest friends and family. As guests arrived at different times during the week, they were invited to explore Prague and it’s restaurants, bars, all the touristy spots with us. We even had a pre-wedding activity of traveling to a popular brewery that was 1 hr away on a mini-bus with everyone to enjoy beer tasting and lunch. It was so. much. fun. Those moments and that feeling of excitement, fun and joy of having everyone we love together in one city to explore was priceless and will forever be cherished. Kenny and I still talk about that feeling of having everyone together in Prague to just hangout and have fun to this day.

I hope you liked these photos and enjoyed hearing a little about my experience!

xo, d.

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