How to Style a Bar Cart for Fall

How to Style a Bar Cart for Fall 1
One of the many reasons I love my bar cart?  Using it as a statement piece for seasonal decor. Switching-up the look and feel of a bar cart is so simple but makes such an impact. Whenever I feel like my living space needs an extra pop, I re-arrange my bar cart.

I love pulling from pieces in my apartment that I already have and using them in different ways. Think outside the box of basic bar accessories: framed art or prints, candles, cake stands, fresh floral…the list goes on – get creative!

Here is a guide to making your bar cart cozy and stylish for Fall – 
  • Bar Cart Basics | Cocktail glasses, bar accessories, wine or other alcohol bottles lined up on a tray.
  • Framed Accents | Leaning framed art, prints, photos or a mirror against your bar cart acts as a nice backdrop. Overlap miscellaneous framed pieces for a modern look.
  • Height | Implement various heights into your bar cart – add cake stands and cups in complementing colors that hold straws or other accessories.
  • Texture | Incorporate texture to your bar cart by adding a rug or textural element under the bar car. Fun fact – the “rug” under my bar cart is actually a table runner that’s been folded. Get creative! Add a furry throw blanket, use decorative dish towel. Sometimes the most unexpected pieces make for the most stylish and interesting feature.
  • Coziness | Add a generous dose of coziness to your bar cart for Fall – mix different types of candles, such as small candles and candlesticks, to get that cozy Autumn feeling going.
  • Seasonal | Bring in seasonal elements to tie the entire look together. I stuck with pumpkins in one color scheme – placing a large pile of them on the bottom shelf of the cart and adding a small one into the decor on top.
  • Floral | Fresh floral livens up a bar cart – wrapping greenery on the edges of the bar cart makes for a romantic and ethereal ambiance. Eucalyptus is not only a trendy and stylish element, but is inexpensive and easy to find. Add a touch of luxury with a small bouquet of cream colored roses.
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