Ikea Hack: Besta TV Unit

Ikea Hack: Besta TV Unit 1
Ikea Hack: Besta TV Unit 2

If you’ve visited my Pinterest board, you might have figured out that I’m a slight Pinterest fanatic. Ever since K and I have moved into our new place, I’ve been pinning home decor like nobody’s business. I purchased a few Ikea pieces when we moved in because they are great blank canvases for changing and giving makeovers (the “Ikea hack” phenomenon is real). Have you heard of O’verlays? I’ve had my eye on them for quite some time – ‘Overlays are decorative fretwork panels for furniture. Simply apply the  panels to your furniture and watch your piece go from ho-hum to one-of-a-kind. They also make panels specifically for Ikea furniture, which makes it so easy to transform an inexpensive piece of furniture into a truly unique and expensive-looking piece. 

I chose to paint my Ikea Besta TV unit in a jewel-toned blue so it would pop against the neutral walls. I spray painted the overlays kit a gold metallic that comes off brassy (anyone who knows me well knows I have a mild gold/brass obsession) and added brass ring pulls to pull the look together. The outcome? A chic, Hollywood Regency-style TV stand that no one would have guessed came from Ikea!

Ikea Hack: Besta TV Unit 3
Ikea Hack: Besta TV Unit 4
Ikea Hack: Besta TV Unit 5

1. Ikea Lappviken Doors for Ikea Besta TV Stand – Ikea
2. Ikea Besta TV Stand – Ikea
3. Ikea Stubbarp Legs – Ikea
4. Medium Grit Sandpaper – Home Depot
5. Behr Paint (choose any color to your liking, I used a dark blue) – Home Depot
6. Brass Ring Pulls – Amazon
7. Harper Thick O’verlays Kit – O’verlays
8. Rust-oleum Metallic Spray Paint in Gold – Home Depot
9. Gorilla Glue – Home Depot

I put my Ikea unit together prior to painting it – before putting it together I had spray painted the legs gold and put those on.  Once you are ready to paint your unit, be sure to unscrew and take the doors off and takes the shelving out.
1. After taking the doors off and shelves out, sand down the unit very well (front, sides, back, doors and shelves, too!). I found this step-by-step tutorial on sanding particularly helpful.
2. Paint! I used a semi-gloss paint with a primer already mixed in. I did about two coats. **Be patient and let the paint dry between each coat, otherwise you’ll end up with a gloppy mess that will not dry properly.

**TIP: Sanding down the TV unit was the most lengthy part of this project (aside from actually assembling the TV unit itself). If I were to do this project again, I would use a chalk paint over a standard paint. The great thing about chalk paint is that it doesn’t require any sanding AT ALL. With chalk paint you get more of a rustic, chalky finish. If you decide to use a chalk paint, I highly recommend Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.

Steps for O’verlays:
‘Overlays come with detailed instructions on how to apply the fretwork panels (I’ll summarize below):
1. Lay the O’verlays down and wipe with a cloth to make sure they are clean  (you don’t want any dust, or in my case, dog hair!)
2. Spray the overlays with the Rustoleum spray paint and let dry.  (You can use a standard paint if you want – I used Rustoleum spray paint because I love the metallic finish it gives off.)
3. Once the overlays have dried, prep the backside with Gorilla Glue.
4. Align and place the glue-exposed side down onto the TV unit doors.

Final Step:
Drill a hole in the center of each door for the ring pulls. Insert the ring pulls and screw the doors back on – you’re done!

Ikea Hack: Besta TV Unit 6

I hope you like the outcome as much as I do! Please comment below for any questions about the DIY. I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

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  1. Lynn Huynh wrote:

    Love what you guys did! Very creative and chic! I was wondering if you painted the whole tv stand the same blue?

    Posted 1.13.16 Reply
  2. Dominika wrote:

    Hi Lynn, thank you very much! Yes, I painted the entire TV unit the same blue color. I used a semi-gloss Behr paint because I wanted a glam feel. If you want to aim for a more muted, rustic finish I highly recommend using a chalk paint (chalk paint requires no sanding).

    Posted 1.22.16 Reply
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