Retail Round-Up: Nautical-Chic

West Elm always has a such chic approach to home decor. And, when injected with a dose of nautical-beach flair, the result is a perfectly balanced relaxed-stylish look. Here are a some of my current West Elm favorites:
Retail Round-Up: Nautical-Chic 1

1. Velvet Ikat Embroidered Ogee Pillow Cover, $39.00
2. Tile Print Bowl, $10.00
3. Velvet Ikat Embroidered Geo Pillow Cover, $34.00
4. Coral Jewelry Tree, $59.00
5. Framed Print – Carpe Diem, $99.00
6. Framed Print – Lobstah, $99.00
7. Stripe Duvet Cover + Shams, $24.00-$89.00
8. Sequin Cutwork Pillow Cover, $39.00
9. Enamel Serves, $29.00

Retail Round-Up: Nautical-Chic 2

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