Snapshots of my week

Snapshots of my week 1
Gorgeous farmer’s market goodies: tri-colored radishes, fresh dill, sweet strawerries.

Even though I only lived in New York City for 7 or so-odd-months, being back in SoCal has been quite a change – albeit nice and gradual. We decided to take the drive across America, not only because our dog would have decided to rebel against us if we put her through another flight, but because we really wanted to drive through and see states that we had never been to. This week has has been a nice time to adjust back to warm weather and a more relaxed way of living, and has truly felt like a vacation. Here are some snapshots of my week, some of my first days back in the Golden State.

Snapshots of my week 2
My first attempt at making cheese. The verdict? Surprisingly simple.{Recipe coming soon}

Snapshots of my week 3
With the whole “cold brew coffee” craze going on, I thought I’d give Stumpton Coffee’s cold brew a try.

Snapshots of my week 4
Indulging in a late-afternoon cheese plate with wine.

Snapshots of my week 5

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