Thanksgiving Harvest Tablescape

Being on the East Coast for my first color-changing Fall has been absolutely breathtaking. This past weekend my boyfriend, puppy, and I went adventuring through Central Park – and I soaked in the striking, picturesque, autumn colors that were everywhere I turned. The beauty of the Fall changes happening here has directed my tablescape inspiration toward natural foliage this year. And while I am not equipped to host a Thanksgiving (ahem, my 25 square-foot kitchen…) I have dreamed up my fall harvest tablescape, which I plan on turning into a smaller fall harvest bouquet that I can bring over to my Thanksgiving host & hostess’ home.

Thanksgiving Harvest Tablescape 1

Thanksgiving Harvest Tablescape 2

1. A burlap runner feels raw and natural – a perfect foundation to the foliage look we’re going for. You can find a burlap runner here or here. But, if you feel like getting crafty, I found this D.I.Y. burlap runner tutorial really informative and fun!

2. Miniature white pumpkins are the perfects fillers for this tablescape. The amount you should get will depend on how full or how long you want this tablescape to run, but choose around 6-10 to be safe. You can pick these up at almost any grocery store or pumpkin patch.

3. Mini succulents add a touch of modern-chic to this tablescape and bring the look together. You can get mininature succulents at flower shops, hardware stores (the ones with a garden section), and even some farmers’ markets.

4. Kale-cabbage flowers are my new favorite, they are so adorable! These flowers are everywhere here in the city – bodegas, flower shops, and even planted in the tree beds! – and add a whimsical, natural twist to a tablescape (something your guests may not have expected). I suggest using 2-3 large ones, and a good number of small ones (pictured above) to act as fillers.

5. We can’t forget about these big guys! A couple medium-large white pumpkins will add a good amount of volume to your tablescape. You can choose either the regular pumpkins that come in white, or, my favorite, fairy-tale pumpkins.

I hope you all enjoyed my harvest tablescape inspiration and how-to! And for all of you who love this arrangement but are not hosting this year’s turkey day, I will update this post closer to Thanksgiving and shed light on how to turn this tablescape into a single arrangement that’s easy to bring to Thanksgiving dinner!

Thanksgiving Harvest Tablescape 3

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