Cake in a Jar + Trap Door Dining

Cake in a Jar + Trap Door Dining 1

I recently got connected with a fabulous, hush-hush secret dining society, “pop-up” dinner concept in LA, Trap Door Dining. I was asked to execute this whimsical cake in a mason jar for their seaside, ‘head-to-tail fin’ menu for the Trap Door Dining launch. Based on a somewhat monthly basis, the Chef chooses a themed concept for each dinner and hosts at a random location, which is not revealed until just days before the dinner. Each dinner will focus on local, California ingredients and comprise of a beverage pairing, the ‘head-to-tail fin’ concept will include a wine pairing from a local vineyard. I’m fortunate to be asked to be a part of such an exclusive, chic concept that I know will soon be the talk of the town. If you’re interested, posts the menu for each dinner concept and hints of the location. For a chance to be a part of the elite dinner group, email for potential reservations.

Cake in a Jar + Trap Door Dining 2

Xo, d.

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