Le Nouveau: Valentine’s Day

Le Nouveau: Valentine's Day 1

Ever since I was a little girl, I remember adoring this so called “Hallmark holiday.” Making cards and buying cutesy gifts for friends and family was a given, never neglecting the holiday that celebrated all things pink and love. Lately, people harp on the fact that Valentine’s day is just a day of single awareness, vowing to boycott it. But, why not celebrate the best feeling in life that’s free? Make it a day to celebrate and have fun with the friends you love, single or coupled, and have an unconventional Valentine’s day. Deck out your place with fresh, out of the ordinary Valentine’s colors of hot pink and orange. Play games, serve up some fresh cocktails, laugh with your friends and let your ordinary Valentine’s day notions fizzle. Valentine’s day doesn’t have to be the standard: date, flowers, out to dinner…so why not make Valentine’s day an excuse to throw a chic and lighthearted impromptu fete? 

Xo, d.

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